Inauguration of Model Traffic Penalty System in District Peshawar

Public Private Partnership is a key factor in the development of public institutions.
All around the world public and private partnership is removing barriers in public dealings which in turn not only increases the confidence of general public but also revenue collection from the general public.
A2z-epayments has joined hands under public private partnership with N.W.F.P traffic police. Initially penalty holders in district Peshawar will be able to avail this facility. This facility will be implemented across all the districts in N.W.F.P (With in 2 years).
A2z E-Payments believes in the philosophy of corporate social responsibility that’s why as a company we introduced merchant model. The equipment is installed with merchants across district Peshawar and franchisee status has been allotted, the concept of retention and handsome profit margins is strictly followed for maximum attraction.

Benefits to the general public

1. No Public Holidays
2. No Bank Holidays
3. Convenient locations
4. Easy Access for Challan Payment

Benefits to Traffic Enforcement Agencies

1. Comprehensive Database of Offenders
2. Better Traffic Management
3. Better Utilization of Resources
4. Elimination of Paper Associated Costs
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